Colloidal Silver Cream made with 45ppm ionic .001 micron nano particle silver. For centuries Silver has used a medicinal cream and for burns, wounds, cuts, infections and is a very potent anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral enzyme Inhibitor.  Silver cream is used by people all over the world to help with all kinds skin problems such as  dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, boils, topical yeast, itchy skin, athletes foot fungus, ringworm. Today’s studies also indicate silver cream destroys MRSA, Staph, and CRE.

Colloidal Silver has been used since WW2 on burns and deep wounds. Medics at the time applied it to battle wounds. Doctors use silver in burn creams in todays modern medicine.

Colloidal Silver Cream is For topical use only. Use 2-3 times a day. Not for internal use. Avoid eye area. Wash hands thoroughly after application.

Silver cream contains natural antimicrobial agents that promote healing. There is little evidence to suggest this is an accurate claim, and the risk factors of using a colloidal silver cream or salve on your skin may outweigh the benefits. Talk to your doctor before you consider using these products.

The history of medicinal use of colloidal silver goes back as far as ancient Greece.  Hippocrates used silver to heal wounds and control diseases. Silver cream is simply the best natural topical antibiotic/Antiseptic.

If you’re considering the use of a cream or salve containing colloidal silver, it is uncertain if using colloidal silver cream is safe to use in high concentrations if breast feeding or pregnant so use any silver cream with caution if you are in this physical condition.


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